The #1 Reason Why Companies Lose $$ on Incomplete Training Projects or Programs…

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Did you know that most online programs and courses have a 97% dropout rate? That means that only 3% of participants finish an online course (and I would say that this % is only this amount because a lot of companies have mandatory completions).

This statistic is staggering! And it is easy to just say, “See, online training doesn’t work. We need to only conduct classroom or live training”.

I know. I have heard it all.

But here is the reality – the training you are creating isn’t well received or being completed like a viral post of kittens on Facebook not because it was created using tech or because your employees don’t like taking training online – it is just that it is NOT meeting their needs.

I promise you that if getting up and walking out of live classrooms was not considered impolite, we would have people leaving in droves. Considering that most people spend an average of SIX hours and 37 minutes a day online – it is NOT being online that is causing people to not take your programs.

So what is the solution? Create an Experience

  1. E -Define a specific problem you can solve within your expertise. Then move from EXPERT to GUIDE.
  2. X- Create an experience over presenting information
  3. P -Solve a specific problem that exists in the business. No problem = no course
  4. E – Engage from a place of action and implementation, not knowledge
  5. R – Realistic examples, case studies and simulations of the work activity
  6. I –  Include the learner and learner path in your content discussions
  7. E – Entertain through meaningful and impactful stories that illustrate key challenges and hurdles
  8. N – Focus on Need to Have content versus Nice to Have
  9. C – Context, not content is KING
  10. E – Evaluate your effectiveness through feedback, targeted coaching and contextual assessments

Do you have another solution? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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