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E-Learning Challenge #69: Medical Training (Neonatal CPR)

 This e-learning challenge from the E-Learning Heroes blog provided another great opportunity to showcase the power of e-learning software and it’s ability to transform static information into dynamic learning activities.  For this challenge I wanted to create an activity that demonstrated this type of transformation.  So naturally, I turned to my wife for help (more

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Add videos to your Captivate 8 courses

Four Ways to Add Video to your Captivate  Courses There are four main ways to add video to your Captivate courses. This article will show you how to do each one. Event Video Multi-slide Synchronized Video Closed Captioning YouTube Video 1. Event Video Media > Video > Event Video> Choose the file path (click the browse

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Interactive Sliders

ELearning Challenge: Interactive Sliders

  How do you create engaging courses with Articulate Storyline? Use Interactive Sliders. There continues to be a lot of buzz in the e-learning community about Articulate’s latest version of Storyline, the aptly named “Storyline 2”.  The whole look of the interface has been redesigned to more closely match the aesthetics of the more recent

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Interactive Charts & Graphs

E-learning Challenge 64: Interactive Charts & Graphs

How do you make your courses more engaging and effective? Use Interactive Charts & Graphs.   It’s been a while, but after a long hiatus I’ve been able to spend some quality time on more of the great e-learning challenges David Anderson at has put together.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if

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Free Content For You! Mobile Learning Webinar

Looking to learn more about Mobile Learning? This webinar is from the TC Captivate Group where Tara Bryan talked about Mobile Learning and Captivate 7. Tara defines and explores what mobile learning is, how it works, and how you can build it with Captivate 7. Click the photo above to view the webinar.

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What is Screencasting? (E-Learning Challenge)

This e-learning challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes Blog on January 17, 2014. The challenge is to record a screencast or software simulation. Challenge Link Screencasting is (in my opinion) one of the pillars of e-learning. It has really changed the game for e-instructors, particularly in software training, because it gives instructors the

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Designing a Conclusion Slide (E-Learning Challenge)

The challenge is to design and e-learning conclusion slide. This e-learning challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes Blog on April 4, 2014. Challenge Link  The conclusion or summary slide. “Boring!” you say? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. It’s often no more than an afterthought for many instructional designers. Just something to get in at

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Using Characters in E-Learning (elearning Heroes challenge)

Using Characters in elearning This e-learning challenge was to create a course using characters. This challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes blog on January 10, 2014. Challenge link The challenge is to create a demonstration of how to use characters in your e-learning projects. I decided to take the challenge in a slightly

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Interactive Screenshot E-Learning Challenge

This e-learning challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes blog on March 14, 2014. Challenge link The challenge is to create an interactive screenshot for use in training. The challenge itself is pretty simple, and any can be accomplished in any e-learning authoring tool in a relatively short period of time. I used Articulate

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E-Learning Game Challenge

This e-learning challenge comes from our friends at E-Learning Heroes, and first appeared on their website on February 21, 2014. The challenge is to create a simple e-learning game. So given the countless hours I’ve already poured into playing the Sudoku puzzles that appear in our local newspaper, I thought I’d use just a few

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