Top 4 Triggers That May Mean You Are Ready to Hire an Outside Partner


The incredibly fast development of the eLearning industry has certainly been pushed forward by proper outsourcing of course development. The question is – how do you continue to create courses that resonate with learners when the pace of change in the industry is just speeding up? A large part of the answer is about learning how and why you would want to outsource your design and development.

First you need to identify your outsource triggers. These triggers will help you know when it is time to bring in an outside partner to help you.

1. Are You Scaling?

Perhaps you are having a growth spurt in your business with either employees, systems or customers and you need training fast. Your have figured out the “what” and “why”, but the “when” is on your mind. The new employees need to be trained right away to meet the demand. If this is the case, working with an external partner to add bench strength and expertise to get the project done on time and on budget is essential.

2. Do You Need New Ideas & Approaches?

There are times when you have an online learning need that extends the reach of your current team’s expertise. We can come in and help up level the courses or learning assets you need by bringing in our depth of knowledge as well as a new, fresh perspective based on our extensive experience working in other businesses dealing with similar challenges.

3. Do You Not Want to Invest In Adding Full Time Staff?

Contrary to popular belief, holding every aspect of development in-house does not reduce costs. If you have a team of professionals who can bring a wider skill set to the table than one full time employee, you have just saved yourself the cost of hiring, training and retaining a full time staff. An outside partner is able to scale with your needs to be just the right fit for your project needs.

4. Are You Not Able to Meet Business Partner Demands?

Are your internal teams asking for more and more training? Many times, small learning area resources are stressed and strained because the demand is high and the time is short. Bringing in a long term outside partner who understands your business may take some of the burden of ensuring you are meeting everyone’s needs in the most efficient way possible.


If these triggers resonate with you, reach out to us for a free 30 minute consultation. Whether it is a project or a strategy or a bunch of course(s), we are here to help!

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