Successfully Navigating Through the Contracting Process



Navigating the Contract Process

Do you ever have challenges with writing and submitting proposals for new clients? I am always amazed how much of an art this process is with each and every new client.

Here are a few best practices to help you navigate through this somewhat challenging process:

1. Make sure that you create a standard template that you use with every client and then adjust it to fit the specific client’s needs and expectations. Having a standard template to start with will ensure that you are able to articulate the requirements that you need on every project.

2. Include every assumption you can think of based on your experience so nothing is left to interpretation.

3. Be specific with the understanding of the scope of the project, include an outline as well as deliverables.

4. Highlight the framework that you will use to complete the work.

5. Accurately estimate the fees and total project rate of the completed project. (Do not create a proposal based on time (hourly) but on the value that you will bring to the project).

What are your best practices as you navigate through this conversation with a potential client? Share your comments below!


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