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Quality Learning Approaches in 15 Minutes or Less

 If someone told you to draft a course design in 15 minutes, what would you do? “Fight” or “flight” options might include crying, running for the hills or immediately coming down with some mysterious illness. Scary as it might sound, that was our task as set by Bob Elmore at the March 17th ATD SIG

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Articulate Storyline Challenge #117: Transparent Echo Technique

Ambience might not be the first thing an instructional designer or developer thinks of when designing the course, but it deserves to be in the conversation. When designing courses it’s very easy to get lost in the weeds of the content and lose sight of the learner’s perspective. The hard truth is that the learner

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Failure Equals Learning

Failure Equals a Learning Experience Should failure in learning really “not be an option”? Absolutely not! In most cases, it is actually a very worthwhile for someone to not succeed the first time they try something. Doesn’t that mimic real life?  While there is a stigma attached to “being a failure”, failing is what accomplishes

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How Do You Build Creative Spaces In Your Office?

  Every team needs creative spaces where ideas come to life and possibilities become limitless. A space where senses are stimulated and fueled by great energy. Looking for tips and tricks on how to design creative spaces that is perfect for your new ideas to grow? Then look no further, we have an answer!

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The Trifecta- Making Successful Learning Projects

What makes a learning project successful? Lots of things, of course. Having the right team in place, however, is one of the most important.  And I like to refer to ours affectionately as “The Trifecta”.  This is the critical trio we assign to each new learning project at TLS Learning – a Project Manager (PM),

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Hide & Reveal- Articulate Storyline Challenge #116

How To Hide and Reveal Objects in Articulate Storyline 2 It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to jump in and play with the Articulate Storyline community, but I’m happy to report that time has granted me a few weeks to stretch my creative muscles and take a stab at some of

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Create + Scale Digital Learning Experiences

TLS Learning Events for February & March

Events Around Town — Where are we? The TLS Learning team supports and is actively participating in events all around town: Here is where you may find us: February 3 – Hosting the Twin Cities Captivate Group – join this group here or download the latest recording. February 12 – PACT meeting – we re-connected

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#JobLove – How do we love thee? Let us count the 10 ways

#JobLove Today is Valentine’s day- wouldn’t we all love a bit more joblove? Tweet #joblove to join the conversation! We all reflect on what we LOVE about what we get to do everyday. We are passionate about helping you and your employees go to the next level of performance. In honor of Valentine’s day we

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