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Publishing a Survey with Captivate & Google

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Recently I needed a way to publish a SURVEY that would do two things:


1. Provide me with a way to track the responses

2. A way for the participants to receive their answers


I was going to go the direction of SurveyMonkey, however they only allowed a certain number of questions and there wasn’t a way for the participants to receive their responses.

Then, I tried to build it in Captivate which gave me a ton of flexibility but I had to find a way to capture the results without an LMS and also provide the participants their results in an action plan.

So I started looking around for a good solution that would be easy to implement. That is when I found the Google LMS With Email Reporting widget from

This widget is amazing. So what it does is that it turns a google spreadsheet into a way to capture the questions and responses of everyone that completes the survey AND it sends an email to the participant taking the survey with their results.

This widget solved both of my issues AND it was much less expensive at $80 then various survey tools. So I built my survey in Captivate and then linked it to both of these things in the widget.

The other nice thing about this widget is the person who created it. Jim Leichliter was very responsive when I had a weird mac issue with one of the links.

Here is the link to this widget:

I will be doing a full demo of this widget at our next TC Captivate Meeting in November. To find out more about our schedule and to attend check us out on LinkedIn:

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