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Motivating Your Learners?

  Motivating Learners Performance We all want our learners to succeed, but sometimes motivating learners can be downright difficult! But I recently ran across a new way to tap into your learners’ inner motivation. It’s based on the Fresh Start Effect and the Nielsen Norman Group has a great article on it (that inspired me!).

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Use a GoPro for E-Learning? – Absolutely!

GoPro For On The Job Training GoPro’s have been around awhile as sports enthusiasts capture all of their exciting activities in real time. This wearable video camera is a staple product for snowboarders and skiers all over the slopes. But what if we could use it for more than capturing recreational activities? What if we

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Can Vince Vaughn Improve Elearning Courses?

Vince Vaughn and images like these will help improve your elearning courses. Often times we see a lot of stock photography in our e-learning courses. They are effective and get the point across which is what they are supposed to do. However, sometimes our learners don’t really look at the images as they scroll through

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