The Trifecta- Making Successful Learning Projects

Kara's Blog ImageWhat makes a learning project successful?

Lots of things, of course. Having the right team in place, however, is one of the most important.  And I like to refer to ours affectionately as “The Trifecta”.  This is the critical trio we assign to each new learning project at TLS Learning – a Project Manager (PM), an Instructional Designer (ISD) and an Interactive Developer (DEV). These three are the ones that truly get the job done.

Having been a “Jane-of-all-trades” in my days in corporate learning and development (yes, I said Jane, not Jack), I played all three of these roles at one time – that was the expectation. Two of which though I stunk at (even though I tried really hard), but project management was where I excelled. To me, that’s a powerful thing to recognize and is why I can’t get enough of how effective “The Trifecta” has been for building amazing learning solutions. And I think there are 3 primary reasons why…

Trifecta- 3 primary reasons 

  • Do what you do best. Whatever you refer to it as “soar with the strengths” or “be true to who you are”, it amounts to the same. When this team of three comes together – each with their own talents, strengths and areas of focus on a project – the final result is a more creative, engaging and quality solution than what just one “Jack” (or “Jane”) could produce.
  • Two (or three) heads are better than one. The saying may be old, but it’s true. I’ve seen it play out on project after project – how the ideas of one can be good, but the iteration and collaboration on the ideas of many make something great.
  • Failure is not an option. As a small, focused team we are successful because this is our motto. We stay in close alignment on project timing and deliverables, openly brainstorm new ideas on how to approach our work, remain flexible and problem solve together as challenges arise and make decisions quickly that are in the best interest of our learners and clients.

Share your success.  What makes your learning projects successful? Do you have a “trifecta” or another approach to building a team that’s working for you?  We’re curious to hear what’s working and what we should try next!

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