Using Characters in E-Learning (elearning Heroes challenge)

Using Characters in elearning

Using Characters in elearning

This e-learning challenge was to create a course using characters. This challenge was first posted on the E-Learning Heroes blog on January 10, 2014. Challenge link

The challenge is to create a demonstration of how to use characters in your e-learning projects. I decided to take the challenge in a slightly different direction; designing something to educate content creators on some of the best practices that can be followed when incorporating characters into their e-learning projects.

The project was created almost entirely within Keynote (, with some final video editing and screen recording completed in Camtasia ( I intentionally designed the project to be an example of using a character in e-learning (in this case, as a presenter) while simultaneously describing and demonstrating some of the best practices for using characters in e-learning. I hit on a few, but surely didn’t cover them all. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section. Anything you would add or change? We want your feedback.


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