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Our podcast, Course Building Secrets®, hosted by Tara Bryan, features insightful conversations with experts from various industries, covering tips and tricks to help you on your online course experience journey.

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In this episode, Tara describes the type of online program that is selling in today’s marketplace. Did you know that 80% of the content in your program can/should be cut out of your program? This episode breaks down what the path is to create a transformation for your learners. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara answers a question that has been swirling around the community lately. How do you create a roadmap or framework for B2B done-for-you services? This is the question and this episode will give you the answer. {{snippet-1}}
In today’s episode, Tara breaks down the difference between just selling to sell and selling a solution that helps people get results and helps you actually build a business. Marketing is a megaphone to your message or movement, not the goal of a business. Check out the details in today’s episode. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives actionable tips on how to create a framework to take your expert business to the next level. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives it to you real and unscripted- how often should you change your tech stack and course platform? Just because there is a new shiny tool that someone is marketing, it doesn’t mean you should jump ship- if there is something that isn’t working in your tech stack- you don’t start...
In this episode, Tara gives tips and tricks for dealing with the not-so-awesome customer that tries to either take over your business or sabotage your energy. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives a super tactical course experience tip and why it matters. Each week, you will get tips and tricks that will help you as you build your digital education empire! {{snippet-1}} Want to connect with Tara? Reach out here.
In this episode, Tara shares her organic growth strategy that allowed her to build her agency past 7 figures without spending money on Ads. Ads can be a great megaphone for your business or a complete waste of money – this episode will help you so you don’t get stuck with a money pit of...
In this episode, Tara gives tips on how to make sure you are doing the right activities in your business at the right time. Are you doing activities that don’t match where you are in your business growth cycle? Too early & you will waste time and money – too late & you are dead...
In this episode, Tara breaks down what you need to know before you hire an agency or team to promote your offer. The biggest challenge that we see people have when they are getting started is how to find leads for their program. (Aka future customers) This behind-the-scenes episode will help you get started. DO...