mobile learningAre you ready to figure out not only how to create mobile learning in your organization but also how to navigate through the IT infrastructure challenges? Join us for this great webinar series where we will tackle the basics on how to get started designing and developing mobile learning in your company.

This will be a 4 week webinar series (will be recorded) with tons of content, open Q/A, templates, examples and live coaching to help you set your mobile strategy and be successful with going mobile within your environment.

At the end of this webinar series you will walk away with:

  • An exploration into how to design and develop a course for the mobile environment and why it is different than traditional e-learning.
  • A map or strategic plan for your mobile learning strategy
  • A questionnaire that will guide you through the various questions you should be asking your IT area to gain clarity as to what the current state of your environment is versus the future state. (as well as translation/definitions of many of the technology terms that will help you master this conversation)
  • How to build the course within the specific needs of your environment.

…and much more.

Dates: October 22, November 5, November 12, November 19

Time: 11-12

Cost: $99