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Tara Bryan - Business Strategist


The Course Launch™ VIP Strategy & Coaching Day is a personalized 1:1 session focused on you and your business. Imagine having an expert come in to work with you and your team to design your unique course launch playbook and learner experience.

You get laser-focused strategic coaching, planning and results to transform your expertise into an online program that will allow you to grow and scale your business.

This VIP session is personalized to you and your goals. We will identify exactly what you need to get results. We look at where you currently are and create a specific and actionable plan to get you to the next level.

Step 1:
Apply To Work With Tara & Her Team

Step 2: Schedule Our Time Together

Step 3:
Attend Your VIP & Discover Your Next Online Program

At the end of the day, you will leave with:

  • Focused attention on you, your business, and the vision you have for the next level.
  • Clarity on where you are headed and your ‘goals’ for your online business or program.
  • A personalized, actionable step-by-step strategy and full implementation ‘playbook’ for success.
  • A fully mapped out ‘customer success framework’ that will become the foundation for any program you run.
  • The ‘full learner experience journey’ mapped out, with defined ‘Result Busters and Supporters’ that will guarantee you will have raving fans.
  • We will also define, select and map out the ideal ‘technology systems’ you need to serve your customers (and leverage your time).
  • Resources, checklists, done-for-you templates so you can get straight to work on creating and launching your program

Elements of Your Personalized 'Course Launch Playbook' May Include:

  • Your specific business goals and project deliverables are planned over the next 90 days, and/or quarter-by-quarter for the next 12 months
  • Your ‘Customer Success Framework’ defined (along with your value ladder)
  • Your Authority Acceleration Plan
  • Course (Program) Structure Map (Go from problem to results)
  • Learner Experience Journey Map (Go from prospect to raving fan)
  • Technology & System Map (Determine your personalized tech stack)
  • Tools and strategies to fast track your success
  • And much more – this tailored to you session starts where you are and takes you to success.

To Get The Most Out of the Day:

  • Be ready and willing to dive deep and focus the entire day on you and your business
  • Have the right people from your team present and available
  • Willing and open to co-create your action plan. This day requires full participation (so block your email and phone for the day!)
  • Enthusiastic about what is possible for you, your future, and your business

What a Typical Day Looks Like:

We will begin with a big picture view of the day and review the overall goal of our time together.

Then the exploration and journey begins –

  • Define and clarify your vision for your business, lifestyle, and your goals
  • Identify or validate your ideal customer, the clear problem you are uniquely qualified to solve for them, and a measurable (and specific) outcome.
  • Brainstorm and map out the fastest path to success to define your million-dollar framework.
  • Take your million-dollar framework and map out your exact course structure.
  • Identify and map your customeru2019s u2018Control the Dipu2019 learning and engagement journey
  • Create your automation and course engagement platform (hub) so you can hit the ground running (tech stack) with the right foundation to build your online program(s)
  • Wrap it all up by putting it all together into a personalized ‘Course Launch Playbook’

Our Approach

  • STEP 1: Pre-Session Call – The first step is to have an initial 60-minute discovery call and complete the pre-session questionnaire.
  • STEP 2: One Full Day together – Spend a full day working on your business and program.
  • STEP 3: A 60 Minute follow-up call – About a week or so after our session, we will have a call to review the playbook and determine best next steps.
  • STEP 4: A stack of done-for-you templates, checklists, scripts, cheat sheets, and more – don’t re-invent the wheel. Each step of the process has easy to implement tools and resources that are available to you.

Logistics & Investment

These sessions are available in virtual or in-person formats. In-person sessions are in either Minnesota or at your location; travel and other expenses are at your cost.

Each in-person session is either one 6-8 hour session or two 3-hour sessions spread over two days. Virtual sessions are conducted over zoom.

Tara Bryan - Business Strategist

Tara Bryan

There are only a few coaches out there that have as much experience in online courses as Tara does.

Tara Bryan has designed, built, and launched over 250 courses for some of the largest brands in the US.

Over the past 20+ years, she has perfected the course-building process that helps thousands of learners improve their results in the workplace.

She owns and operates a full-service digital learning agency, TLS Learning, that helps companies create engaging and results-driven learning experiences that literally transform the growth of their businesses.

Tara's unique Course Launcher Framework helps experts quickly get their message out to the world in a whole new way to make a much bigger impact.

Leverage Tara's guidance to properly package your expertise and help your learners drastically improve their results.

Tara regularly teaches course-building techniques and processes at national conferences, workshops, and small group sessions all over the U.S.

You can find Tara on her podcast, Course Building Secrets® and at

What Clients Have to Say

The Course Launch VIP allows us to really dig into the business problem we are trying to solve, the business results we are looking for, and the performance needed from our team to achieve those results.


Learning Manager

TLS learning team

The Course Launch VIP session allowed us to design a strategy and plan to launch our new online coaching and training platform, allowing us to scale past our current brick-and-mortar business.


Business Owner

tara bryan, owner

The Course Launch VIP session allowed us to create an actionable process-based training program that streamlined our front-end process saving us $250K in delayed starts and process challenges.


IT Software Owner

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