Learn How to Pivot Your Biz Into the Online Business Of Your Dreams

A workbook and planning guide to help you build a profitable online experience without adding more time or complexity to your day!

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The Playbook That Will Help You Pivot Your Service-Based Business

Imagine being able to make an impact, serve more customers, and provide them with an amazing experience, without adding more time and complexity to your business. 

When you pivot from 1:1 to 1:many automated, you can see your impact and results soar!

What’s Inside the Playbook? 

A Little Bit About the Playbook

This planning guide will get you in the game of pivoting your signature service offering into an online experience that will scale you reach and impact without maxing out your calendar.

Tara Bryan - Business Strategist

The Author

Tara Bryan

Nice to meet you! My name is Tara Bryan, and I help business owners like you create, grow and scale awesome online education businesses. 

I’ve been running TLS Learning, a service-based digital learning agency for 20+ years helping some of the largest brandsin the US to create and launch learning experiences that get results. 

I am also the founder of two online brands, Learn Academy and Learn-elearning.com. I am also the host of the Course Building Secrets® podcast. 

I have literally spent my entire career crafting digital experiences that focus on the learner’s results…

…so that businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants can successfully help their customers achieve their goals. 

Using my proven methods allows course creators, coaches and business owners to create deeper relationships with their learners without being chained to their laptop. 

Pivot Your Biz Playbook

Get the exact steps that will get you in the online business game.