The TLS Learning Story

TLS Learning Custom Learning Experience Design

About Us.

Welcome to the TLS Learning story.

We are not just another elearning agency. We deliver creative learning solutions that truly make an impact, driven by our unwavering passion. We’re in this journey together with you, working side by side to help you amplify your voice and achieve your goals! The TLS Learning story began almost 20 years ago.  

Have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • How can I increase participation and engagement in our learning programs?
  • How can our program lead to faster results, helping individuals overcome obstacles and challenges? 
  • Is there a way to provide practice with real-life, simulated examples and personalized (automated) feedback? 
  • Where can I find trusted learning professionals who can turn our courses into business result maximizers? 
  • How do I navigate the overwhelming process of implementing an online learning strategy? 
  • I’ve been assigned to create learning on the go. What are all of the available approaches and how do I incorporate best practices? 
  • Our learners find our programs overwhelming, boring, and too long. How can I create something they’ll genuinely enjoy? 

If these questions resonate with you, then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

TLS Learning Custom Learning Experience Design

The TLS Learning Story - the Beginning

The TLS Learning story began in 2004 when Tara Bryan, Owner/Strategic Business Partner, founded the company in Minneapolis, MN. 

Tara recognized the pressing need for engaging and interactive learning solutions that truly make a difference and as the demand  solutions grew, so did TLS Learning. We assembled a team of dedicated experts who share our vision and passion for elearning. Today, we serve clients from diverse industries across the country.

The TLS Learning Values

TLS Learning Values - Partnerships
Powerful Partnerships

We believe in building long-term relationships and partnerships with every interaction and we bring our expertise in learning, while you bring your valuable content knowledge. Together, we create powerful solutions that drive tangible business results for your organization.

TLS Learning Values - Lifelong Learning
Learning & Innovation
In an ever-changing world, continuous learning is crucial. We strive to stay at the forefront of learning trends and innovations, providing you with the most effective solutions available. We’re not just experts in our field; we’re thought leaders who love sharing knowledge to help you make informed decisions.
TLS Learning Values - Solutions Focused

We thrive on solving problems and refuse to accept the word “can’t.” If a solution isn’t readily apparent, we roll up our sleeves and work tirelessly to find the right one because we are committed to making it happen!

TLS Learning Values - Customer Focus
Individualized Attention

We recognize that each client and situation is unique. We start by thoroughly understanding your specific needs and challenges as an organization. With solid design and development practices, we tailor our solutions to best fit your requirements.

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Business Results Focused

Our unwavering focus is on you, our customer, and your business goals. We genuinely care about your success and always recommend and strategize to provide the best solutions for you and your learners. We go the extra mile, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied.

Meet Some of Our Clients!

Tara Bryan, Our Founder

Tara Bryan is passionate about helping people maximize their potential and has a complete geekiness for all things technology automation. She created TLS Learning in 2004 as a freelancer and quickly scaled beyond the side hustle — left Corporate and dedicated her time to building the agency, one awesome learning experience at a time

Tara Bryan - Business Strategist
Tara Bryan - Business Strategist
Tara Bryan - Business Strategist

Hello, My Name is Tara!

Your Learning Experience Design Expert
I am an entrepreneur, business owner and passionate business strategist. I am dedicated to helping you create, sell and launch scalable learning experiences.

How We Work

Our approach is guided by the five pillars of success. These pillars are embedded in every project we undertake, ensuring your journey with us is a resounding success.

Strategy Before Tactics

We kick off each client relationship with a VIP strategy session. Together with your team, we dive deep into the bigger picture and plan meticulously before executing the implementation. This session is perfect whether you’re launching a new program or refining an existing one. Imagine having a team that can extract your vision and ideas, and translating them into a robust project plan.

Explore our work on the “Work with Us” page.

Solid Proven Process

Our goal is to take your idea from concept to launch. At TLS Learning, we’ve developed a 5D process model™ that accompanies each project. This proven approach ensures we stay on schedule and delivers specific milestones at each phase. By providing you with a comprehensive overview of our direction before reaching it, we construct the right solutions tailored to your needs. While our process is iterative, each phase concludes with a deliverable subject to an approval cycle.

TLS Learning project management approach

Collaborative, Team Approach

TLS Learning team approach

We believe in leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of our team to deliver our very best. When you engage with our agency services, you’ll work closely with a core team of three professionals:

  • A Project Manager, your partner who keeps the project on track, ensuring it’s completed within the designated time and budget.
  • A Learning Experience Designer (LXD), who captures your vision, goals, and outcomes, breathing life into your content through compelling narrative and context.
  • An Interactive Developer, specializing in transforming the LXD’s design plan into engaging interactions and dynamic online course experiences.

In addition to this core team, we have dedicated professionals such as Creative Directors, Audio Talent, QA Testers, Developers, and Graphic Designers, who support and enhance our work.

Create Connection & Interactions to Ensure Action

We firmly believe that people learn best through active practice, engagement, and real-life scenarios and to bring your content to life, we employ stories, scenarios, and simulations. Our aim is to empower learners to simulate work tasks, practice in a safe environment, and overcome challenges until they’re fully prepared.


Ultimately, every learning experience we create is designed to drive a change in performance and behavior. We constantly measure, track, and evaluate each project against specific metrics, ensuring we’re making a tangible impact on your business results. As a result, whether you’re in the beta phase or scaling your program, we’re here to ensure you’re getting the desired outcomes.

Join us on this exciting journey of transformative learning experiences!